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Mini 7-a-side League Rules

These rules can be downloaded in a document by clicking here. 


The Laws of the Game will apply with the following exceptions:


LAW 1- Field of Play


a)       The pitch shall be 50yds by 40yds

b)       The goal area shall be semi circle 6yds in diameter from the centre of the goal. Players may enter and leave the goal area but can only score with their head while inside

c)       The goalkeeper may leave the goal area but can only handle the ball while inside

d)       The Goal - 6 feet x 16 feet is recommended


LAW 2 - The Ball:

Size 4


LAW 3 -The Number of Players


a)       Each team will consist of maximum 12 players

b)       Only seven players with one nominated as goal keeper will be on the pitch at one time

c)       Substitutions will take place midway through the :first half. at halftime, and midway through the second half

d)       Substitutions may only be made during a stoppage in play and upon a signal from the referee

e)       During the game different players will act as substitutes

f)         No player is permitted more than two periods as substitute. This ensures all players in the team play for at least 50% of the game.


LAW 7 - Duration of game


Two x 20 minutes. Five minutes half-time break


Law 11- Offside


No offside rule


Law 13 - Free Kick


The opposition shall be six yards from the ball


LAW 14 - Penalty Kick


No Penalty Kick

Where a penalty would normally be awarded a free kick l0yds from the goal will be awarded


LAW 16 -Goal Kick


Goal kicks shall be taken from inside the goal area and from the hand


LAW 25 - Back Pass


The Goal Keeper may lift a back pass


The Spirit Of The Game


An agreed referee shall implement the Laws of the game. The protection of the spirit of the game is the responsibility of the team manager.



Super Sevens Code Of Conduct


  1. Players and team managers must not question the referee's decision.
  2. When a free kick is awarded, the defending team must observe the compulsory six yards rule immediately.
  3. Players must not attempt to steal ground when taking kick-ins or throw-ins, or free kicks.
  4. No coaching from the touchline during the actual play.
  5. Team mates and adults in charge should give positive encouragement to players who make mistakes.
  6. Players, team managers and match officials should shake hands before and after each game.
  7. Above all, everyone, children and adults, should do their best to produce an exciting and enjoyable game.


It is recommended that the referee should remind all players and adults in charge of teams of the Sevens Code of Conduct before the commencement of each match.


Adult Attitudes


The following guidelines are suggested:


  1. Reflected Glory:

All adults in attendance must show by example that they are more concerned with the well-being of the child and the good of the game, than with satisfying their need for reflected glory.

  1. Brain over Brawn:

Players should be encouraged to display creative skill and discouraged from trying to win through primitive or violent means.

  1. Fun First:

Fun and skill should be higher priorities than winning. Adults should remember that when dealing with young people, tomorrow is more important than today. All research proves that an over emphasis on winning at an early age will reduce the numbers playing the game and will lower the ultimate standard of skill of most players.