How To Transfer Your Tickets In Account Manager

Learn how to transfer your Bay FC tickets in Account Manager. Watch the video below or scroll down to read step-by-step instructions.



  1. Please begin by opening up your Bay FC Mobile app. If you haven’t download the app, click here to download in the Apple App Store (for iOS) or click here to download in the Google Play Store (for Android).
  2. After downloading and/or opening the app, click on My Tickets. This is found on the bottom of the app, second icon on the left. This will prompt you to sign into your Bay FC account manager. If you have never signed into your account before, enter your Ticketmaster email and password. Please Click on Sign in to Bay FC to sign in to your account.
    If you are unsure as to which email address is tied to your account, please contact your assigned sales rep.
  3. Please input your email address and password and click Sign In.
  4. After successfully signing in you’ll receive this popup notification saying that Bay FC wants to use your information to sign into your account.
  5. After clicking continue a new pop up will appear saying that the Bay FC app is working on linking your Ticketmaster account.
  6. Click OK and you will see this screen popup on your phone. This confirms that you will be linking your Ticketmaster account to your Bay FC account. You can choose to opt in to Ticketmaster presales or not. You do not have to make a choice to move on to the next step. Click Done to move on.
  7. Now that you’ve successfully signed in, you will be able to view your tickets in the app.
  8. Scroll to view all your tickets and tap on your desired event. In the example below, we have selected the Mar 30th game vs Houston Dash.
  9. Tapping on the event will pull up your exact seat location and tickets. Swiping to the left and right will allow you to view your other seats.
  10. Click on View Barcode to pull up your ticket’s barcode. If you’re trying to transfer your tickets, screen shots will not work. You will receive this error message if you try to screen shot the tickets and the screenshot will not work on game day.
  11. Click on the X to get out of the barcode screen to return to this screen. To Transfer your tickets Click Transfer to begin the transfer process.
  12. Select which seats you want to transfer.
  13. Now add a new recipient. You will need their First name, Last name, and email address to transfer the tickets. Once you have input that information, click on transfer.
  14. Upon successful transfer you will arrive at this page.
  15. You will receive a confirmation email that you have transferred your seats.
  16. To accept tickets that have been transferred to you, check your email. There will be an email from Ticketmaster on behalf of Bay FC. Click Accept Tickets
  17. This will automatically open the Bay FC Account Manager website. If you are not already logged in, you will need to sign in to your Ticketmaster account. Click to Accept tickets from the person who transferred them to you.
  18. Upon successfully accepting the transferred tickets you will receive a notification that you have accepted the tickets as well have the ability to view the tickets in your account.