Supporter Values and Code of Conduct

Bay FC is committed to providing a fun, inclusive, and safe environment for all of our supporters to enjoy themselves and support the team. To ensure that the Bay FC experience meets these expectations, we ask our supporters to do their part as well and commit to enforcing these rules within their own supporter groups at all times. Breaches of the Values and Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary actions for an individual or a group with a larger pattern of violations.

Bay FC’s Values and Code of Conduct apply equally to online interactions and in-person events.

Bay FC Supporter Values: Respect, Collaboration, Enthusiasm

  • Provide an inclusive, welcoming, collaborative, and safe place for all to have fun and support women’s soccer and Bay FC, regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, nationality, or team affiliation outside Bay FC.
  • Have an open mind and remember: everyone is a human being who deserves respect and kindness. Please keep this in mind for both online and in-person interactions.
  • Welcome and encourage ideas that are not your own. The best ideas often come from collaboration, not isolation.
  • If you see something, say something. This community cannot thrive without everyone doing their part. If you see someone acting in a manner that is not in line with our values, say something to leadership, Bay FC staff, or venue security.
  • Show others how amazing the Bay FC community is by leading by example and representing your supporters group and the club in a positive way.
  • Enthusiastically support Bay FC and uplift the women’s game. Bay FC games, events, and online spaces are a place for all soccer fans to come together for Bay FC and to leave outside rivalries behind.
  • Actively enforce these values at all times within your supporters groups, both online and in person.

Bay FC Supporters must abide by the following:

  • Bay FC does not tolerate any hateful or discriminatory language, symbols, or gestures. This includes but is not limited to racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, transphobic language or symbols, and those that discriminate based on a person’s religion.
  • Bay FC does not tolerate violence, threats, or disruptive behavior of any kind, including physical and verbal abuse.
  • Bay FC encourages friendly competition and enthusiastic cheering, but will not allow any disrespect towards the opposing teams, other fans, referees, players, or staff.
  • Bay FC is a NWSL team independent of other soccer teams. We understand that our fans may have ties to teams other than Bay FC, but negative or provoking comments or actions related to another team or rivalry are not permitted at any Bay FC event or game.
  • People of legal age must consume alcohol responsibly and stay in control of their actions at all times.
  • Supporters must obey federal and local laws at all times.
  • Throwing items onto the field is not allowed. Unauthorized personnel are not permitted to enter the field at any time.
  • If the ball enters the stands, please return the ball quickly and safely to the appropriate person.
  • Supporters must remain in their assigned seats or section and keep their tickets handy at all times.
  • In addition to the Bay FC Supporter Code of Conduct, everyone must comply with the venue rules and venue staff while in the stadium. These rules can be found here.

Breaches of the Bay FC Supporters Code of Conduct may result in the following actions, depending on the severity of the violation:

  • Blocked on social media by official Bay FC accounts
  • Ejected from the game or event
  • Temporarily suspended from attending future games or events
  • Season tickets revoked
  • Permanently suspended from all Bay FC games and events

Bay FC’s Front Office will seek out all of the information about the incident and speak with our trusted leaders to determine the best course of action for the situation. Actions include, but are not limited to the consequences listed in the above section, a mandatory mediation session between parties involved, or other appropriate actions dependent on the situation.

For very serious offenses, Bay FC may be required to contact the league or local authorities.