Maya Doms’ Love for Boba

From seeing one boba location to several locations in the Bay Area, rookie Maya Doms has enjoyed this delicacy since middle school.  

The Stanford Alum and Northern California Native is of Filipino descent and in honor of Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Heritage Month, Doms shared her love for boba. 

“I’ve always loved boba, it’s one of my favorite desserts,” Doms said. “When I first tried it there was only one boba shop in my hometown, Davis.”  

Doms, her teammates; Caroline Conti, Maddie Moreau, and Jamie Shepherd went to a local boba tea shop, Teaspoon, to enjoy the AANHPI delicacy. Doms got the ‘Taro Lover’ boba and explained how Taro is ube, a root vegetable.   

“As a Filipina, I grew up eating a lot of halo-halo, which is usually made with ube ice cream and I really love how it’s not too sweet,” Doms said.  

Teaspoon originated in Los Altos and has expanded nationwide since. The boba shop offers its customers different dairy options, sweetness levels, and add-on toppings to their boba. 

“Since then, it feels like there’s now a boba shop on almost every corner downtown which really shows how much Asian culture has influenced food preferences in NorCal,” Doms said.  

Watch Doms, Conti, Moreau and Shepherd try boba on their visit to Teaspoon below: